Mind is the master, body just follows

The body follows the mind. It’s been proven over and over again. It’s just what you make of it. Here are some true short stroies and facts

4-minute mile – Zig Ziglar in Biscuits, Fleas, and pump handles

Until we did 4-minute mile, it was thought impossible. Doctors told that your heart won’t take it – coaches said you can’t do it. So even when the athlete would set out to do it, something in the back of their mind told them they can’t. So they couldn’t.

Once Roger Bannister did the 4-minute mile, then all of a sudden, many more people did it too. Not because we found a wonder drug, not because we became genetically superior, we just came to know it’s possible.

Disease from information – Zig Ziglar in Biscuits, Fleas, and pump handles

2/3rd of medical students get the symptoms of the disease they study.

Cerebral Palsy to TT Champion – Zig Ziglar in Biscuits, Fleas, and pump handles

When David was born, the family was very happy. After a while they realized, his head hung too limply on the right side and he drooled a little too much. They took them to specialists – 30 of them. All of them told that he has cerebral palsy. He wouldn’t be able to walk or talk or count up 10. They suggested to put him in an institution. Then they consulted Dr. Pernstein in Chicago. He told them he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk or count to 10 IF you listen to the profits of doom. If you are willing to do your part, then something can be done. The doctor told in minute detail what they have to do. He told him you will have to push him beyond human endurance and push some more. You will have to work him out until he falls and work him some more. You have to understand that there would be sometimes years before you see any change but you still have to follow the protocol. You must understand it’s a forever commitment and you must never stop. Don’t ever let him see another victim of cerebral palsy taking therapy. Because if David sees the awkward inadvertent movement of other children, then he would emulate those instinctively and would pick up their movement. They went back and started physical therapy. After several months, he could move a length of his body. Several years later, he could do a pushup. He would eventually go on to do 1100 pushups in a single day. He became a top Table Tennis player in Canada. Had he been given more, he would have ended up with less.

Death by a fake snake

This may not be true but I read this somewhere. A prisoner was told that instead of being hanged to death, they wanted to kill him by snake bite. So they showed him the snake but instead of killing him by the snake they just pricked him with a needle. He started to froth, turned blue and died.

Filling up a missing thigh

I read this somewhere but couldn’t find any sources when I tried to search. A man got into an accident and lost one of his thigh muscle. He got healed with meditation and imagining that he had a healed thigh.

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