The Greatest achievement of humanity

In last 50 years, humans have gradually achieved what no other individual or entity achieved in history. It's not modern medicine. It's not even internet. What we have achieved is not knowing the limits of what we can accomplish as a collective race. The greatest achievement of the human race is not knowing limits of… Continue reading The Greatest achievement of humanity

What if you start from the top of the pyramid?

A famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow, laid down a list of needs in the order which people go through in their life, starting from the bottom of the following pyramid. Most people intuitively know this pyramid. Source: Most individuals follow this pyramid scaling one step after the other in the pyramid. In Made to Stick, Chip and… Continue reading What if you start from the top of the pyramid?

What do you use your mobile for?

Apollo 11, which helped put the man on the moon had less computing power than a pocket calculator today and doesn't even come near to your smartphone which has more than 30,000 times power of Apollo 11 computer. What put the man on the moon wasn't the enormous computing power, it was the willingness to work… Continue reading What do you use your mobile for?