Still learning to talk: A lesson in communication

A bunch of us went to a restaurant and the staff told us to wait in the bar. So I was sitting at the bar with one of the girls in the group.  The bartender asked us if we would like to order something, and I said “no,” which might have been an odd response… Continue reading Still learning to talk: A lesson in communication

Kids are cruel monsters

Ever heard बच्चे भगवान का रूप होते हैं i.e. Kids are form of god / you can see God in kids? I don't understand why people say that. It doesn't make any sense. First of all kids are so innocent - it's easy to fool them. I don't think there is any religion in the… Continue reading Kids are cruel monsters

The Bhagavad Gita – work of fiction?

Gita was written by Vyasa, a poet. Humans have a limited imagination and can imagine god only in terms of a human. Even with his immense creativity, Vyasa could only imagine god's viraat roop as having thousand heads and hands and people flowing into God's mouth to die. It’s just too simplistic. In its cosmic… Continue reading The Bhagavad Gita – work of fiction?

Don’t let facts mess up a good story

Talkative, extrovert people and Salespeople already know this and follow this. This post is for introverts like me. I am listening to Zig Ziglar. You should listen to him if you haven't. Take a free apple music trial if you have to. He is a master storyteller. He tells very interesting stories about the interactions… Continue reading Don’t let facts mess up a good story

People follow what you do, not what you say

Thi is a common parenting advice. Your children will follow what you do, not what you say. This applies to others too. Here's a cool demonstration done by Zig Ziglar. He told his audience that he will say "1, 2, 3, Go". When he says "Go", the audience had to clap. Then he proceeded to… Continue reading People follow what you do, not what you say

Mind is the master, body just follows

The body follows the mind. It's been proven over and over again. It's just what you make of it. Here are some true short stroies and facts 4-minute mile - Zig Ziglar in Biscuits, Fleas, and pump handles Until we did 4-minute mile, it was thought impossible. Doctors told that your heart won't take it - coaches… Continue reading Mind is the master, body just follows

Outsourcing labor troubles in business

I was talking with a distant uncle about his stationery manufacturing business. He had 8 workers and among other things, he supplies to a well-known stationery company. Me: If you are supplying to them, you must be earning in millions. Uncle: Oh, no. We are not their sole suppliers. They have like 50 of us.… Continue reading Outsourcing labor troubles in business

How to screw others without screwing yourself

I don't believe in being vegetarian or non-vegetarian, not for religious reasons at least. Most Indians do. On some days, like Navratras festival, almost nobody eats non-vegetarian or drink alcohol. Those things don't mean that much to me. I eat and drink not because I am defying anything but just because I can and I do… Continue reading How to screw others without screwing yourself

Hockey – India’s national game

Hockey is our national game but we like cricket more. Many people don't like the fact that hockey doesn't get as much attention as it should as our national game. Here's a question: Why is hockey our national game? India won six consecutive hockey gold medals at Olympics between 1928 and 1956. It's our national… Continue reading Hockey – India’s national game

Survival and Legacy

Most people are afraid of little things which may make their lives worse off in some way - and that's just a maybe. Some people hold on to those maybe's even in the face of a far better future. Others are explorers, people who go out and explore those futures and are the ones that bring… Continue reading Survival and Legacy

Curated Parenting stories

All three children became writers. How? Parents told kids that you can have this credit card and use for emergencies or to buy books. Sara Blakely: My father gave me an unusual gift growing up. He encouraged me to fail. So sitting at dinner table with my brother, he would ask " what did you fail… Continue reading Curated Parenting stories

Creative pricing

Copied directly from For years I made a living playing at universities. One time a college far away in Ohio, about a 12-hour drive, asked what I would charge to do a two-hour show. I said, “$1500”. She said, “Oh, that’s a bit too much. What would you charge to do just a one-hour show?”… Continue reading Creative pricing

Intuition – The lost superpower

Intuition is one of those things about which everyone has a vague idea but is difficult to define. Then there are questions like where does intuition come from? How do you hone intuition? Well, today's your lucky day. I have all the answers 🙂 This explanation is based on the structural differential. Here it goes.… Continue reading Intuition – The lost superpower

5 reasons to promote your competitors

Recently, I answered a question on Quora - Are there any online trusted tutoring sites? A colleague asked me why did I give so many websites in the answer instead of just promoting, my website. Following reasons I did that: I do what’s best for my readers/customers/users. It may have a side effect of short-term… Continue reading 5 reasons to promote your competitors

Happiness framework

Happiness is not about luxury - having stuff - though that helps to some extent. It's about fulfilment - doing things that you wouldn't think were possible. Climbing the mountain is mostly about hardship. Why do people still do it, sometimes multiple times? It's about fulfilment. Why do people stand up for freedom? You will have to make… Continue reading Happiness framework