Curated Parenting stories

All three children became writers. How? Parents told kids that you can have this credit card and use for emergencies or to buy books.

Sara Blakely:

My father gave me an unusual gift growing up. He encouraged me to fail. So sitting at dinner table with my brother, he would ask ” what did you fail at this week?” and if we didn’t have something we failed at, he would actually be disappointed.
And I can remember coming home from school and saying “Dad Dad, I tried out at this and it was horrible. and he would say ” way to go” and hi-five me. He was reframing my definition of failure. So failure for me didn’t become about the outcome, it became about not trying.
So if I fail to do something out of fear or embarrassment, that’s failure. But if I do it and then fail, then that’s not a failure.

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Catherine Hoke’s father asked her randomly to prepare in one minute and invent a product and explain how she will market it, who she will market to etc. That gave her the confidence that she can do anything. Listen to full interview at

Use “yes and” rule with your children or anybody who is not in agreement with you. What that means is if somebody says the situation sucks – the teacher hates me – things that were not in the syllabus were on the test etc. You just ask them what are you going to do about it in the future – Yes you’re right  – Your situation sucks. It’s not your fault but it is still your problem. So how are you going to deal with it in the future?

He plays a game with his child. When you go into a restaurant ask your kid to close eyes and remember everything that is in the restaurant and then ask specific questions based on the surroundings. This will make them more observant.

Zig Ziglar: My teenage daughter came to me and asked can I go to so and so place with such and such group.
I said No.
Why not?
It’s the wrong place with the wrong people
But everybody else is doing it
You know htat has no bearing on what your mom and I do.
Why can’t I go?
Those kids out there are your buddies today. They might not be speaking to you tomorrow. But let me tell you something doll, there’s nothing on the face of the earth you can do regardless of what it is that will keep me from loving you totally and completely. You are mine, you are ours, you are stuck with us as parents from here on end. And I love you too much to permit you to go to a place which to say at the least may harm your reputation, perhaps even your life. Doll, the answer is no.

Her lips started quivering. She leaped and threw her arms around me and said, Thank you, daddy, I didn’t want to go anyhow.

Ann Miura Ko’s father asked her – is this the best you can do? Is this a world class effort?

Me: If the answer to the above is no – You can also ask – Why would you give it anything less than your best?


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