Don’t let facts mess up a good story

Talkative, extrovert people and Salespeople already know this and follow this. This post is for introverts like me.

I am listening to Zig Ziglar. You should listen to him if you haven’t. Take a free apple music trial if you have to.

He is a master storyteller. He tells very interesting stories about the interactions he had with people in his life or of the people he has read about.

For obvious reasons, he recyles most of these stories. Since I am listening to all of his talks on apple music, I am listening to the same stories over and over again because of that.

What I have realized is that he has a certain flow when telling a story. The numbers and facts keep changing but the essence of the story stays the same. That’s what really matters.

Now I am not saying facts aren’t important. All I am saying is that they are less important than the message / moral.

I learned:

Fluency is important. Essence is important. Message is important. Facts are for support, not the message.

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