Survival and Legacy

Most people are afraid of little things which may make their lives worse off in some way – and that’s just a maybe. Some people hold on to those maybe’s even in the face of a far better future. Others are explorers, people who go out and explore those futures and are the ones that bring change.

But this post is not about that. This post is about death and glory of life.

Almost all of us are afraid to die. In fact, we are so naive about death that we try to delay it even at the cost of suffering, humiliation, slavery etc.

I understand that we have a survivorship bias. All animals including humans want to live as long as possible. That’s just the nature of our being. We want to remain alive. But at what cost?

Think about freedom fighters, how they sacrificed their lives. The glory they left behind. You may say “their is no glory in death” and you may be right, but everyone around them who were too scared to do anything died as well – maybe a couple of decades later.

Everybody will die. You might as well live to your full potential.

Don’t worry about not leaving a legacy of your genes, leave a legacy that counts.

Do great things or die while doing them.



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