Hockey – India’s national game

Hockey is our national game but we like cricket more. Many people don’t like the fact that hockey doesn’t get as much attention as it should as our national game.

Here’s a question:

Why is hockey our national game?

India won six consecutive hockey gold medals at Olympics between 1928 and 1956.

It’s our national game because it was popular at that time. We were best at it. So somebody decided that it should be the national game.

And then…

We weren’t best at it anymore. It just lost its allure and cricket took over.

So things like these are abstract. We should be mindful of the change.

We should revisit and revalidate our beliefs with the changing times. That’s not being weak.

The idea isn’t to tweak your core principals, however, we should see the facts as they are. That’s how you progress and make good decisions.

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