Intuition – The lost superpower

Intuition is one of those things about which everyone has a vague idea but is difficult to define.

Then there are questions like where does intuition come from? How do you hone intuition?

Well, today’s your lucky day. I have all the answers đŸ™‚

This explanation is based on the structural differential.

Here it goes.

A lot of stuff happens and exists in the world. Our senses can detect only a part of it. Our conscious mind can recognize only a small part of what our senses detect. That’s not all. The analysis of the information in our conscious mind is limited by our language. Generally, the richer your active vocabulary – the richer is your conscious analysis.


In fact, as I learnt today from this TED talk if we are subjected to a new emotional term, the chance that we can feel that emotion increases. If you don’t know such a thing exists, we don’t feel it. Obviously, the only thing changed when you were introduced to new emotion is your vocabulary.

What I want to come at is the fact that there is a lot of information that we are getting which is not processed by our conscious mind. Just to give you the scale of the missing information, conscious mind processes about 40 bits of information per second which is nothing compared to 4 million bits per second by the subconscious mind.

Given the above fact, it makes obvious sense to listen to our subconscious more often. That’s what intuition is – your subconscious mind whispering to you. At times, it takes the form of a knot in your stomach. Other times, seemingly needless fear.

Training intuition

Needless to say, intuition is a pretty cool tool. Like any other tool, you need to train your intuition. Otherwise, you will be one of those people who say – “I knew it was going to happen” after the fact that an event has already happened.

Here are some of the ways to train intuition.

Know more – Get more information

The subconscious mind is strong because it can process so much more information so much faster. But if you don’t feed it information, it has nothing to process. Get experiences. Read. Watch. Listen. Pay attention. Expose yourself to varying situations.

Listen to intuition

Listen to intuition. You may or may not act on intuition. But pay attention. Pay attention to how you feel. Be mindful of how your body, mind, gut reacts. Write it down. Writing it down will help you to prevent you from lying to yourself later. Our mind can do that – wrongly tell us that we thought a certain way when we thought exactly opposite.

Stay mindful of what you dream

Don’t ignore dreams. Write them down on a pen and paper as soon as you wake up – even if you are half asleep. Some of the most complex problems have been solved by literal dreamers.

Increase vocabulary / learn a new language

This is the easiest action that you can actively take. More vocabulary will give you a wider range of thoughts and emotions to start from.

Zig Ziglar says – vocabulary increases IQ. I am not sure if that’s scientifically verifiable but one thing’s for sure, there is only upside to increasing your vocabulary.

Last but not least, follow Nitrolearning blog :p


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