Happiness framework

Happiness is not about luxury – having stuff – though that helps to some extent. It’s about fulfilment – doing things that you wouldn’t think were possible. Climbing the mountain is mostly about hardship. Why do people still do it, sometimes multiple times? It’s about fulfilment. Why do people stand up for freedom?

You will have to make life choices – choices which will take you in a direction very different to what if had chosen the other options. Then there would be decisions that you will take not only from the given choices but all the immense possibility in the universe. It doesn’t matter if you chose a difficult path or an easy path. Chose a path which is likely to fulfil you.
Another way to think about this is by regret minimization. Do and try things in life so you have the least regret about not doing one thing or the other. Chose the things in your life which won’t left you wondering “what if”.  

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