What happens after my death?

This is a very personal message I sent to my loved ones. I am, now, sharing it with the world.

I just came back from final rites (Kirya) of my father. It’s been 13 days since he died.

Many asked what his final words were. There weren’t any. He didn’t get the chance. We will never know.

Everybody knows fickleness of life and inevitability of death. It’s just been drilled into me once more with this jolt.

I read somewhere that there is no right or wrong time to have kids. In the 20s, you just want to have fun and time for yourself. In the 30s, you want to focus on your career. In the 40s, biology doesn’t support you.
You just have to do it at some point.
I also realize there is no right or wrong time to write your wishes – what happens to you after death. I may never get the chance. So now is as good (or bad) time as any.

What happens after my death?
I have tried to live a useful life, for me and others. I don’t see how my death should be any different.

  1. I want my organs (eyes, heart, kidney, liver, etc.) i.e. whatever is functioning and transplantable, to be donated to people in need.
  2. Hindus pay a decent sum to pundits in doing final rites which can be as expensive as you can afford. Gurus, Pundits (it’s interesting that English borrowed these two words from Hindi) and Brahmins have an arbitrary set of rules which they try to optimize for maximum benefit to them.
    For all the possible expenses that would be incurred due to my death, I wish the money to be donated to an education charity.
    I have already made a page http://www.giveindia.org/igive-tutorindia for this purpose.
    Current spending is about 1 lac. It would be safe to compound this 7% yearly with the base year 2015.
    If giveindia.org doesn’t exist by then, just find an appropriate organization.
  3. If someone wants to pay tribute to me in the newspaper, take money from them and donate that as well.
  4. I wish that all formalities be finished by the next day I die, with me in the incinerator – or whatever latest eco-friendly option available then. Usual routine work should resume by the 3rd day.
  5. I have always found Bhagwad Gita to be insanely practical for the living. Its advice has served as a guiding light for me for a long time. And there is nothing religious about it. It’s just practical advice about how to lead your life. Since the one day period is too short to read complete Gita, I would like the summary of Gita (Gita Saar) to be read out over my dead body.

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