The Universe doesn’t care about you

Many people including Shahrukh Khan quote “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to help you get it”.

That’s just baloney. The universe doesn’t care about you.

So are all these people lying? Not really. It just appears as if the universe (or God) is helping.

But why does it seem that way?

It’s been true for me and many others including Shahrukh Khan – When you really want something, events coincidentally start turning in your favor in such a way that it appears magical, hence the reference to cosmos. The reality is far more exciting than divine intervention.

What really happens?

When you desperately want something, you change and begin to notice everything concerning your goal. In fact, you also see unrelated things and events and begin to associate them with your goal. In short, you just start to see more due to the focus.

Here’s an example you might relate to:

Most people start seeing more of a particular model of a car after they buy that model. Did everybody buy it when they bought? Of course no! They just start to notice more of it.

An experiment that proves it

The famous psychologist, Richard Wiseman, conducted a research experiment in which he brought in people who consider themselves very lucky or very unlucky. He gave them a task to count images in a newspaper. Most lucky people took only a couple of seconds to tell the answer. Unlucky people took more than 2 minutes.


Richard had put a half-page text on the second page of the newspaper with image count – “Stop counting – There are 43 photographs in this newspaper.” Since the size of the text was significantly bigger, it was hard to miss.

The Conclusion of the experiment: Lucky people just saw more than unlucky people. It’s not all about the opportunities handed to us, it’s more about how attentive we are when the opportunity is veiled as something else.

In Richard’s words:

My research revealed that lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, creating self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopting a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

Richard Wiseman

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