The Greatest achievement of humanity

In last 50 years, humans have gradually achieved what no other individual or entity achieved in history. It’s not modern medicine. It’s not even internet.
What we have achieved is not knowing the limits of what we can accomplish as a collective race.

The greatest achievement of the human race is not knowing limits of what it can achieve.

Following are some of the things which would have seemed crazy to most 200 years ago (some even 30 years ago):

  • Talking to someone 5000 miles away
  • Flying
  • Electricity powered box giving cold air
  • Detecting lies with machines
  • Video and TV
  • Organ transplant including Artificial heart
  • The iPhone
  • Google and the internet in general

Some of the things that seem crazy now but we may achieve in the next 200 years (or more):

  • Language pill – Eat a French language pill and voila – you can speak French
  • Living forever – read Why cryonics makes sense
  • Travel from Delhi to Paris in under 3 seconds (Google teleportation)
  • Using computers without keyboard and monitor by plugging them directly into your mind.
  • Living on Mars and travelling Interstellar style (see movie Interstellar)
  • Recording dreams
  • Cancer eating micro-robots

What would you like to add to the “future” list?

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