Sending kids out in the world – Risk and Benefits

Indian parents, from the goodness of their hearts, keep the girls from going out, unless it has something to do with studies.

Some girls are restricted until they go to a hostel or for overseas studies.  so until they go to college.

It’s true that more girls are raped than boys are.

There is also a chance that she would gather bad habits and would do things that would soil the family name. But there is also a chance that they would do good work and bring laurels to them and the family.

Exposure simply magnifies what’s already the core mentality.

If you think you have given sufficient morals in your family and girls, giving them exposure to the world by letting them go out is the only way to really see them blossom.

You know who your kids are, if you can trust them or not. If you trust them, let them go out. If you don’t, there’s no point anyway.

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