Pyramids – A Hallmark of Art and Engineering

I always thought Pyramids were stupid. Why?

These were built by superstitious Egyptians and were wasteful ventures.

However, I have come to appreciate them in the last couple of months. Here are some of the cool things which would make your head spin

  1. Temperature Control: Pyramid of Giza is designed such that it maintains a constant temperature of 20-degree celsius, irrespective of the high temperatures outside.
  2. Binding material: The composition of the mortar they used to make these pyramids is unknown. Our scientists with all our fancy equipment can’t figure out what is that material made of and why is it so strong. Also, the mortar is stronger than the stone itself.
  3. It’s still a mystery how these very tall structures were built. Considering that some of the stones were over 50 tons, it would have been an engineering feat to just move them, let alone take them to a massive height and align them perfectly with other massive stones.
  4. Since you can’t even put a hair between the cracks of two rocks, it’s argued that Egyptians may have been the original nano-technologists.


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