Keep making, keep deleting

For, I compiled everything I had collected from various sources and wrote myself from last 10 years.

In the process of determining what made it to the blog, I discarded most of the materials into which I had put so much thought and effort at one point in my life.

I deleted paragraph upon paragraph, even though I used to think they were awesome and would someday surely bring me fame and fortune (yeah, right!!). 


The material just wasn’t good enough. Many of the thoughts weren’t formulated very well. Some of the material was just too obvious.

In short, I won’t read it today. 

It’s difficult to part with things you have poured your heart into. But if it’s not working, you have to delete it.

In future, I hope to delete some of the stuff I am writing now because that would mean I have got better.

So, keep making, keep deleting. 

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