To me, informorphology is the science of how information is morphed when passing through fallible humans. Here’s a short story to go with it.

My Grandma in law was explaining to another old man how I hurt my feet.

Grandma: “He is my grandson in law. He injured his foot while jumping from an airplane with a parachute when his plane failed. The airplane crashed. It was with millions of dollars.
Old fellow: “Yea. I saw it in the news.”
Grandma: “He is very courageous and is always pulling stunts like that.”
Old fellow: “He is a brave young man after all.”

Even I couldn’t believe what she was saying and how he heard it on the news.

Truth: I trashed my foot in a paragliding accident.

I couldn’t have exaggerated it so convincingly myself even if I was paid for it.

What happened?

That’s just how information flows through people, continuously morphing. I am pretty sure that if this message passed through five more people, I would either be a war hero or a drug lord.

Most people participate in such information exchange and spread fictions.

Question is “Do you really want to be a part of such meaningless gossip?”

If not, make a commitment to yourself to verify with the source what happened, or better yet, keep quiet. It will save this world a lot of unnecessary angst and grief.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Oh, and  BTW, I made up the word informorphology.

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