Happiness Recipe: Treat others like a Dog


Gucci: My Dog

I was against keeping any dog. Why would you want that additional responsibility and a potential health risk, however small? Wife insisted for a couple of years, and I finally relented, and we got this Shih Tzu furball. She named him Gucci.

We treat our dogs with love, without expecting almost anything in return. We take care of their shit (literally), try to understand what they are trying to express without words.

Dogs, on the other hand, love us, greet us and shake their tail every time they see us, even if I am gone out for 15 minutes.

Treat others like Dogs

When I say, treat someone like a Dog, I mean the way you would treat your pet dog.

Love unconditionally

Most people love their pets unconditionally. They don’t give milk, plow the fields, and these toy dogs don’t even provide security. Instead, you have to feed them, take them to vet, take them out for a walk, arrange a place to stay when you travel, etc. When you buy a dog, it’s a bad financial and time investment. At least, that’s the way it looks on the surface.

Imagine, if a human would do that. We will call them a leech, lazy or irresponsible depending on if it’s your relative, friend, or someone in your family.

However, pets are still able to extract that love and care from you. Why is that? The answer is…

Have low expectations

We expect from our fellow humans to do things for us, to listen to us, to give us, express gratitude, make something of their lives, behave and on and on. When these expectations are not met, we become hostile and angry.

On the other hand, we don’t expect much from our pets. All they need to be is cute or whatever they are and that’s enough.

Have low expectations from fellow humans. Get unlimited happiness.

Be like a Dog

As hard it is to treat others like a dog, it’s even harder being one yourself. Here are some of the dog like qualities you should have more of:

Be grateful

Dogs are grateful for everything you do. You give them food, they are grateful. You take them out for a walk, they are grateful. Not only grateful but excited, every time. You play with them, they are elated.

Multiple pieces of research have shown, without a doubt, that if you feel gratitude for the things you have, you are happier. You don’t necessarily need more stuff to be happy, you just need to show appreciation for what you have. This doesn’t mean you stop working. It just means not being frustrated every day. If anything, that extra contentment and happiness will help you make more money as your relations improve.

Be Patient

If you don’t feed the dog for some time, they don’t start tearing apart your Sofa. They will probably lick your feet or just sit or sleep until you feed them.

If you don’t get something immediately, don’t beat yourself up. Keep working. Be patient. Results will follow. If they don’t, you still have learned a valuable lesson. Success requires persistence. In fact, it’s even more important than talent.

Express yourself

We humans, especially men, have this tendency to assume everybody understands us, even if we haven’t said anything. We keep things bottled up inside. We don’t say enough “Thank you” or “Love you.” When relations get dull, we are clueless how we could let that happen.

Dogs, on the other hand, express themselves all the time. They wag their tail, jump, lick your feet (or mouth). You know they appreciate and love you because they express themselves by actions.

Live in the moment


This picture says it all. One of the fundamental gift and curse of humans is to not be present in the moment. Research says that even in the worse of times, you will emerge happier and emotionally stronger if you are just present in that moment. All kinds of meditation in the world are just focussed on one thing – now. As more you are in the “now,” more stable you are.

Is there any awesome dog-like quality you would like to add?

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