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Everything below would seem too much work but it takes far less time than you think. It just looks big. Even if you think really hard about this, it’s difficult to spend more than an hour on the whole thing. Given that most people who write goals not only achieve them but exceed them, the potential of achieving so much with something as simple as writing goals have absolutely no downside. So, I am sharing my experiences by standing on the shoulders of giants such as Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and others I can’t remember who have helped me immensely.

For lazy readers like me. If you can’t read all of it. read this:

Write what you want in detail with a deadline and keep it close to you. It’s not mandatory but it helps if you write details about how you are going to achieve it.

For everybody else:

  1. Make a goal
    • Establish why – Why is this goal important to you. Repeat why 3 times to get to the root of your desires
      • Determine emotional reasons behind your goal
      • If you still think the goal is worth, go for it.
    • Make it specific – How much weight do you want to lose, how much money do you want to earn. Give a precise number. Just “more” is not enough.
    • Assign a deadline – Give a precise deadline, example 1st March 2017
    • Establish the cost – Say what you are willing to do, spend, give up in order to achieve the goal.
    • Write it down – A goal, unless written, is just a wish. Write your goal. This is more important than any of the steps above. If you don’t write it, you are not committed enough.
    • Keep it close to your eyes – Keep the written goal in your pocket / by the bed / on the ceiling where you see when you sleep.
    • Make sub goals –  Break down your goal into smaller sub-goals and assign a deadline to them.
    • Prioritize –  If you have multiple goals/subgoals, write them in order of importance. Work on the most important goal first.
  2. Take Action
    • Every day, do something, no matter how small, that moves you toward your goal.
    • Start small if you don’t have time – want to be a writer? Write just one line. Want to be a musician? spend just 5 minutes playing. Soon you will notice that time you spend on your goal will expand.
  3. Separate urgent and important
    • Most people spend time on urgent things – reacting to whatever is in front of them.
      • Examples of urgent: answering a phone call, reading that latest facebook notification, replying to that email now, watching that latest WhatsApp video
    • What they should be spending time is on important – Things which give them sense of accomplishment
      • Examples of important: Working towards your goals, Exercise, professional course, books you want to read, spending time with your loved ones
  4. Make lists
    • Making a to-do list will increase your productivity by at least 25% on the very first day.
    • Prioritize items on the list
    • Keep a list of things you have to do for the day
    • Cross items on the list one by one as you complete them. This keeps the mind fresh and focused.
    • Crossing tasks on a list also give you a sense of accomplishment, an experience which can only be experienced, not described.
      • Striking off a task is a great way to motivate children to do things as well. It’s easy to make a game of the checklist.
  5. Eat the frog first
    • This comes from Brian Tracy’s best selling book, Eat that Frog,
    • Basic idea in this book is to do difficult things first
    • We generally tend to do the easy task first, even though they may be of lowest value.
    • Generally difficult things are left for later when we have finished with easy tasks. Problem with this approach is by the time we reach the difficult task, if at all, we don’t have any time, or willpower left to do it.
    • If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you know there isn’t possibly anything worse that can happen to you. So if you do the difficult task first, which will give you most results, you will still have the bandwidth to do the easy tasks later.

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