Excerpts from Osho’s “From personality to individuality”

I am absolutely certain that Buddha never looked like his statues because those statues were made five hundred years after him – after Buddha had already been dead for five hundred years. After those five hundred years, Alexander the Great visited India. The image of Buddha is closer to the face of Alexander the Great than Buddha himself, because the face is Greek, the nose is Greek, the eyes are Greek. Buddha’s statue does not look like a Hindu statue.
When Hindu sculptors saw Alexander they got the idea, a good model. Alexander was really a beautiful man. To make Buddha in Alexander’s image was very easy; and there was no proof that he looked otherwise.

Just at supper I was telling Vivek that the man who first made up this maxim, ”Honesty is the best policy,” must have been a very cunning man. Honesty is not policy; and if it is policy, then it is not honesty: you are honest because it pays, you will be dishonest if that pays. Honesty is the best policy if it is paying, but if sometimes it is not paying, then dishonesty of course is the best policy. The question is, what is going to pay?

But it is good not to meet the poet. Take it as a basic policy never to meet the poet because that will be a disappointment. His poetry is so beautiful but the poet so extra-ordinary. I don’t mean extraordinary as one word. I am using the word extra to emphasize the word ordinary: extra ordinary.

In the East it is widely believed – and I have seen it with my own eyes, so it is not a question of belief for me, I never believe in anything unless I see it – that before a man dies, six months before, he stops seeing the tip of his nose. His eyes just won’t go down that far to see the tip of his nose; he cannot see the tip of his own nose. Within exactly six months he is going to die. That is an ancient, perhaps a ten-thousand-year-old discovery of ayurveda. When the ayurvedic physician comes to see if the patient is in the last stage, the first thing he wants to know is, ”Please, can you see the tip of your nose?”

I have been constantly inconsistent so that you will never be able to make a dogma out of me.

But I am not an atheist. I am not obsessed with the idea that there is no God, and I am not after Him. If there is no God why should I be after Him? And why should I call myself an atheist when there is no God?
Theism is belief in God. Atheism is disbelief in God. My God! – disbelief in God?
I told these people, ”I don’t believe, I don’t disbelieve: I simply have nothing to do with God.” They said then, ”But you must be doing some prayer.”

In fact the urge to create is something biological,sexual. sexual energy is your creative energy.Women have not been great painters and poets and sculptors for the simple reason that their desire to create is immensely fulfilled by bringing up children. To give birth to a child, alive, radiant – what else can be compared to it? You create a painting; howsoever beautiful, it is a dead thing after all.
An experienced mother, one who has given birth to one or two children, can tell whether the child is a boy or a girl, because the girl remains quiet and the boy starts kicking very early: he is in a hurry to get out. The girl remains silent. And that difference continues in childhood, in youth, in old age.

That is the meaning of humus – humidity mixed with mud: humus. From humus come the words human, humanity. Adam also means mud, earth – that is Hebrew.

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