Excerpts from Awaken the Giant within

Following are some of the best parts in Awaken the giant within by Tony Robbins, a book I am heavily influenced by.

It’s not conditions which determine your destiny, but your decisions.

Mr Honda in 1938 had an idea to make a piston ring while he was still in school. He laboured for two years day and night, slept in the workshop and when after two years he went to Toyota to sell them the piston rings. They rejected it saying it didn’t meet their expectations. He continued labouring for two more years during which his colleagues and relatives made fun of him. This time, Toyota approved the piston rings. But the problems hadn’t ended just yet. Due to the war, Japanese government won’t give them concrete. He decided to make his own concrete. During the war, his factory was bombed twice, and this destroyed major portions of his factory. But he was not to be discouraged. He said the Americans were sending him gifts in the form of leftover gasoline, a fuel which wasn’t available in Japan. After all that ended, the earthquake levelled his factory. He didn’t have any more money. He put a small motor on his bike and started to get orders to make them. At one point he had no more motors. To raise money for a large-scale production, he wrote personal letters (not emails) to 18000 cycle shop owners. 5000 agreed. He then made a lighter version of the bike ‘super curb’ which was an overnight success. Later he made cars which we now drive in.

Pain Pleasure Principle

Everything we do, we do it either to avoid pain or to get pleasure. We suffer because we aim for immediate gratification. We try to get short-term pleasure even if we know that we will get Pain in the long run. To be successful, we should keep a long-term view.

Power of Belief

The power of belief is very strong. In people with multiple personalities, the belief that they were a different person sent unquestioned comments to their neuro system. Their bodies literally transformed, their eye colour changed from brown to blue, scars appeared and disappeared. Even the diseases like diabetes would come and go right in front of the researcher’s eyes in a matter of seconds.

How to change your belief? By associating pain to old belief and pleasure to the new belief.

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