Everything is connected – Why I write about topics unrelated to learning and education

I have been counseled many times to focus on learning and education and not write about anything else. The argument is that it confuses readers and doesn’t give you a targeted audience.

I agree.

In any MBA program or a marketing course/post/seminar, one of the very first things they teach is the importance of identifying your audience. Once you identify your audience, it’s easier to set the tone of your message, write with more focus, and spend ad money to a particular target segment.

And I respect all that.

However, I couldn’t figure out how to separate health from learning. In my view, you can’t. If you don’t eat right, your body doesn’t feel good. When your body is lousy, your brain acts respectively. You can’t separate mind from body. At the same time, what you think also affects your body, your relation with others, and how you make decisions about your life.
Since we learn to have a better quality of life, it just feels natural to talk about Quality of life and how it’s affected by everything else.

Apart from all of the interconnectedness, what should I do with all these ideas floating around my head? It feels great to know that it can potentially change even one life, if not many.

Here is a brief diagram to show how everything is related:


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