Everything Corrupts, eventually

“Sikhism is the best religion,” my wife commented. I wouldn’t argue with her (who would?).

Sikhism is clearly one of the best religions. Gurudwaras, place of worship for Sikhs, are very well maintained. Followers give donations generously and regularly. You would never see a Sikh begging in the street. Most of all, Sikhs are proud to be Sikhs, as they should be.

However, just like time heals all wounds, time kills as well. Everything decomposes eventually, even plastic. Politics and religion are no different.

Hinduism, the most corrupted religion (in my humble experience), is more than 5000 years old. The Vedas and scriptures, which Hindus follow, are even older than that. On the other hand, Sikhism is only 500 years old.

Whenever a religious movement starts, it starts with a reason, as an idea which the believers follow faithfully. Once that reason ceases to motivate, disintegration begins. Even real events become mythical stories, a concoction of a creative writer.

Sikhs sacrificed themselves for their hair, a symbol of Sikhs. Today many Sikhs get their hair cut for fashion, same for beard. Is that how the beginning of the corruption looks? Only time will tell.

It’s always interesting to see how things were, are now, and would be 1000 years hence. You just can’t know.

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