10 new reasons why Cycling rocks [You will love #6]

Cycling has many benefits – most of which you already know:

  1. It’s a great, harmless, and (mostly) injury-free workout.
  2. It saves fuel.
  3. Cycling is both noise pollution and air pollution free.

Now for some other unusual, but awesome, things to think about:

  1. You don’t get a ticket  (no challan). So you don’t have to wait for red light to go green even when there is no traffic.
  2. You can go on the wrong side of the road (not recommended) without disturbing the traffic flow too much.
  3. Cycling makes your senses keener. You observe more while cycling than when you are in a car.
  4. I am not sure how correct is this for others, but I do more work when travelling by cycle because it’s less hassle to park cycles and it also gives you a break.
  5. Cycling saves you the cognitive load of worrying about fuel refill.
  6. My favourite benefit:
    Cycling is like teleportation. Your effective travelling time when cycling is Zero.
    Since you exercise your way to your destination, the time is spent on training, and not wasted in travelling.
  7. In crowded cities, it’s not uncommon for cycles to be faster than cars. Due to traffic in Ludhiana, compared to a car it takes me only 50% more time to cycle. For example, journey by car takes 30 minutes, and the cycle takes 45 – and that’s for average traffic. The difference is even lesser in high traffic situations.
  8. Cycling gives you a psychological edge that you can do things that most other people won’t or can’t do.  
  9. Cycling helps you to overcome unfounded self-limiting fears. For me, it was – “What will happen if I get tired in the midway and can’t come back home?”. I can’t even begin to describe how naive that is. If you have even a little bit of self-respect, you can take a small break and paddle back slowly. You can also take a cab.
  10. Personally, I feel great when others have turned the heating on in their cars and are wearing a jacket while I am cycling in the wind with just a T-shirt on.

What do you think about cycling? How did you feel when you did something physically strenuous last time whether it’s running, cycling or just walking for long distance? Please share in comments.

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